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Anatomical Yoga Project

Pacific Restorative Therapy and the Institute for Anatomical Research have teamed up to bring you a most unique yoga learning experience in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This is an ongoing series of movement and anatomy-based yoga experiences developed to increase your knowledge and expertise of the human body.

The Anatomical Yoga Project is a collaborative effort, offering anatomical education to students within the community movement specialists, body workers and various health and wellness practitioners. We offer unique and intimate views, insights and ideas, of the inner sanctum, we call the body.

We accomplish this by connecting with these communities at their level of understanding, so that they may continue to forward their practice and knowledge to all students they teach.

The mission and belief of the Anatomical Yoga Project, is that by reaching out to these communities, we will enhance their practice through a thorough and concise understanding of anatomy and movement.

Offered as 3-day, 2-day and 1 day classes, this class is designed for all levels of yogis and yoga teachers, this class will lead you to a greater understanding of how the body works, the parts of the body involved in various asanas, location of typical injuries and the wonder of how these vessels perform during yoga and life.

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